Christina Greico, Sally Merten Fellow

“We have a lot of fun in creative writing class at Robinson Secondary School. My teaching partner and I try to make sure that the students have a “take away” lesson from each class and let them use them as guides to inspire and inform their writing. In one class, we went over the second-person perspective in short stories, and the students were really responsive. They really got into it and wrote some amazing, powerful pieces by the end of the class. Their creativity and enthusiasm is so encouraging to see in younger writers.”

Anthony Muccione, Sally Merten Fellow

“At Arlington Traditional School, the students were surprisingly eager to learn! We discussed complex writing techniques such as simile, metaphor, and enjambment. It was so rewarding to see the “ah-hah!” moment when they realized what a line of poetry could do. I even had one student tell me that he was really excited about the poetry class because he already took notes and wrote in free verse and was excited about learning to do that more efficiently and in different ways—the little genius. Students were also excited during our fiction-centered classes to learn about the roller coaster that is the narrative arc.”

Bianca Spinosa, Sally Merten Fellow

“The Thomas Jefferson students wrote an essay of creative nonfiction. Their finished product was a 2 page nature essay, using a nature walk through Mason Neck woods to reflect on large themes of what nature means to them. We used examples of the work of Annie Dillard, Thoreau, and other writers to show the students what creative nonfiction can be.”